My paintings are a celebration of color and texture. I paint with a rhythm which results in layers of color on bleeding tissue paper till the surface has a murmur that makes the subject come alive. I like to experiment with the boundaries of color and texture. Through color, light and composition even the most common things and places can become more than their parts and much more than common.

Currently, bleeding art tissue paper has been the underlying in creating a dimensional relief to my oil paintings. It all starts with gluing paper to block in colors while retaining its transparency and crinkly texture. Once dry, oil paint, with the use of palette knives, skims the paper sometimes to magnify, intensify or silence the elements into defined expressiveness.

The minor hue mixing and thick knife application feels totally abstract up close, blends into believability from a distance, is what I like best about my work.

Major influences on my work are the Fauvists and German Expressionists and mentors; Helen Karam and Jason Bowen.