Straddling the line between Abstract Expressionism and Impressionism is Weeda Hamdan, an avid lover of nature, light, and of course art. Her oil and mixed media paintings feature the elements and the natural landscape, characteristically finding unusual vantage points to celebrate them. We view stands of trees not by looking up at them, but down to their reflections in a body of water. Here the various effects of light and shadow become the characters in a timeless drama. Exuberant hues of azure and violet mingle with rose, lush greens and canary yellow. Our eyes scuttle across the canvas and explore the wonderfully tactile surface. This unusual textural quality is created with short, wide brushstrokes on tissue paper so that the colors undulate and flow. Hamdan's work encourages us to appreciate these places of peaceful solitude in a completely new way. “Through color, light and composition,” she explains, “even the most common places can become uncommon and much more than their parts.”
Reflections in Green HarmonyReflection10.13Reflection10.7Refection Series XIConscious BluesLight in Water Water & LightSand, Sea, SkyMirrored Winter Reflection VIFlood and ReflectionsFall Reflection Autumn ShadowsCool FogReflection XVBare ReflectionsReflection XVIINostalgiaReflection VIIIReflection XVIReflection XIVFloating LeavesReflection VIIQuivering ReflectionsFloating LeavesAutumn LeavesBeyond the SurfaceWinter Afternoon Fall ReflectionsReflection IReflection XIIIReflection IIITwigs & Leaves Flakes of ColorReflection 10.2.19Reflection 10.4.19Reflection 10.6.19Reflection 11.16.19Reflection 8.20.19Reflection 8.25.19Reflection 8.8.19Reflection 3.4.19Reflection 11.3.19Reflection 11.6.19Reflection 9.1.19